What Are The Important Factors of Cloud Consulting For Every Business

Cloud computing has become a necessity for all kinds of businesses, and so is the need for quality cloud consulting. Research shows that business owners and executives are continually appreciating this fact. A study on The Business Value of Cloud Computing prepared by CFO research surveyed senior finance executives. The…


There Is A Cloud Solution For Most SME Challenges

Introduction - Cloud Solution The transition from in-house data and application systems to cloud computing is something small and medium businesses (SMEs) see as inevitable. They consider cloud computing as a disruption with potential to change the way business is done especially with regard to IT operations. But there is…


Why Microsoft Cloud Computing is Better Than AWS?

Are you considering tapping into the benefits of moving your servers and applications to the cloud? One of the critical decisions you will make is of which cloud computing platform to use. Particularly, you will most likely have to compare Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Service since these two are…


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